SARPH's Goals

1. To promote the early identification, intervention, treatment and rehabilitation of impaired pharmacists, interns, and students.
2. To assist impaired pharmacists, interns, and students in their recovery process and safe return to professional practice through monitoring requirements.
3. To increase awareness of impairment issues through education of pharmacists, students, employers, and peers within the pharmacy community.
4. To establish the S.A.R.P.H. Peer Assistance Program as a recognized, credible, professional organization that appropriately represents the pharmacy
community and its interests.
5. To protect the public welfare




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sarph facts!

Since its inception in 1984 through December 2006, over 590 participants have enrolled in the program.  Eighty Five % of our participants have satisfactorily completed. 158 participants are currently being monitored, 93% are in full compliance without any contract violations

SARPH is the Pennsylvania Peer Assistance Program for the profession of pharmacy. SARPH stands for "Secundum Artem Reaching Pharmacists with Help. Secundum Artem is a Latin phrase loosely translated to "To make favorably with skill". Over the centuries medications have come in many forms. It has been the work of the Chemist, Apothecary, and Pharmacist to manufacture these preparations and to present them in forms acceptable to patients. SARPH  is a program of pharmacists providing help to pharmacists and doing it "according to the art and with great skill". It is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping pharmacists and pharmacy students in Pennsylvania who may be suffering from substance abuse and/or mental illness to recover and be gainfully employed in their chosen profession through early identification, intervention, treatment and monitoring.








Pennsylvania Pharm-Assist Recovery Meetings - Pharmacists Helping Pharmacists. Click HERE to view a listing of Pharm-Assist meetings held across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.



A Client Writes: Click A Client Writes to read a writing submitted by a SARPH client. Published with the permission of the client.


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